Patient Centered Care

Our office promotes and practices "patient-centered" dental care. This means that we first listen to our patients' concerns and needs, and then address their questions. We believe that our role is to inform and explain the dental condition of each patient and to recommend possible treatment options available. We do not practice clinic-style dentistry, we do not "sell" dentistry, and we do not recommend unnecessary treatment or apply pressure to undergo unwanted procedures. Our entire office staff is committed to the appropriate level of care that the patient desires and needs. We treat each and every patient as if they are close friends or family members.

We offer many types of dental procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, Invisalign orthodontics, and Zoom in-office whitening. However, our primary focus is patient-centered, patient-desired treatment, and to provide the patient with the appropriate level of dental treatment. We believe in conservative treatment whenever possible, and preventive treatment to avoid potential dental emergencies.

We practice scientific, evidence based dentistry with a strong foundation of research and clinical success. With our latest diagnostic equipment such as digital x-rays and laser cavity detection device, we can accurately detect and provide conservative dental treatment. Our goal is to promote good oral health and to reduce the risk of dental emergencies such as tooth abscess and gum infections. With proper and routine check-ups and cleanings, most dental emergencies can be avoided.

When appropriate, we are happy to discuss additional treatment possibilities. These "elective" procedures include cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers, Invisalign orthodontics, and implant dentistry. We believe that the patient input is an integral part of the decision making process. Our goal is not to "tell" the patient what to do, but to inform and educate the patient so that a correct decision can be reached by the patient.

In conclusion, we believe that our primary role is to discuss, recommend, and provide the appropriate dental treatment for each patient. Our goal is to help every patient look good and feel good, and have a beautiful, healthy smile.


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